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Fears of losing a job, concerns over health, an eroding quality of life or the state of the environment are universal. I am amazed that wherever I go, I see the same anxieties from parents about the prospects for their children and their hopes for a better future. Many have had an awakening after reading “Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson – realizing that everything is linked. Economic, social and environmental challenges share the same root causes.

“Unlimited growth on a planet with limited resources is not possible” (Limits to Growth, Club of Rome 1972).

The business sector represents the most important economic force today and, with the right motivation, may also represent our best chance for a better future.

As a Fellow Chartered Professional Accountant (FCPA, FCA), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), and Project Leader of the Gorbachev Climate Change Task Force I am working with civil society, governments and the private sector to address these challenges and create the peaceful, prosperous and sustainable future we want. With a realistic, solutions-oriented approach and the help of a wide group of experts, I will be sharing leading edge ideas and innovative approaches from thought leaders around the globe.

With Martin Lees Secretary-General, Club of Rome

2009 – Adam Koniuszewski with Martin Lees (Secretary-General, Club of Rome)

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